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A Teardrop in an Eternal Glass of Wine
And to sit here alone
In a garden of sadness and woe
Letting a tear drop slide
Into this eternal glass of wine
Sitting as a ghost in the pale gray light
Dulled blue eyes, hair as the night
Flowing down in shiny, plastic curls
A porcelain beauty, skin like a pearl
Forever to sit in this white, woven chair
In a soft, blue dress, matching bow in hair
Hands folded on lap, placed in lacy white gloves
Feet in little black shoes, cared for with love
And yet condemned to sit in wait
To ponder, contemplate, and accept her fate
To wonder if she were ever real
To remember what it was like to feel
To stare into this glass of sweet golden liquid
The ivy vines grow over all, long and twisted
How long has it been there, this crystal chalice?
Next to the dolly princess in her garden palace
Yet the scarlet roses remain fresh in their vase
For they are changed by a silent face
To keep all things beautiful for this ceramic bride
To make sure it never empties, the eternal glass of wine
Can she feel his pr
:iconsilentdeseos:SilentDeseos 3 0
Mature content
Sweet Sweet Slumber: Chapter 11: Fortune Presents :iconsilentdeseos:SilentDeseos 0 0
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Sweet Sweet Slumber: Chapter 10: Cielito Lindo :iconsilentdeseos:SilentDeseos 0 0


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  • Listening to: La Vie En Rose by Larry Dalton
  • Playing: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
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To anyone who still cares about my page and my artwork, I am so sorry that I have been so inactive. I have become so busy that I don't have a whole lot of time for writing and drawing and the complicated process of submitting artwork on DeviantART. I promise to try and become more active. There should always be time for artwork! I love you guys for all the support I've gotten from you. :)

Always with Love,

Silent Deseos :iconlipplz:


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Cruzi Rowendolas
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello there, and welcome to the essence of my art soul!

I started drawing at a very young age. I would not have done it had my mother not kept asking me to draw for her. I would watch her draw and she had remarkable skill and she still does. After some years, she stopped asking me but I was so used to it by then that I continued drawing anyway. I wasn't social. I was very withdrawn and into myself and I still am in many ways. I would not know how to express my feelings when I was angry or sad, and I most certainly couldn't discuss it with anyone, not even my mother. So, in hopes of some understanding, I would draw pictures and write small sentences to convey how I feel. It worked and because of how much I enjoyed the results, I kept drawing and soon it became a pleasure activity and yes, I was that weird, smart kid that would always draw in class. I still am but now, I embrace it and I love who I am. My true passion though, is writing. It makes my heart bleed and swell like nothing else. I feel alive, as though I have the ability to enter new worlds and create them with merely the tip tap of my fingers. I have always had a flare for writing and at the moment I am in the process of trying to get a few things published. I have had a few people tell me that my writing has such a delicate sound to it, that it almost sounds as if it were written in a much older time. Basically, they tell me I sound like Yoda. If my writing is unpleasing to you, then by all means avert your eyes and move on. I am not here to force you to read the ink of my mind. If you choose to do so, then that is of your own accord. I am here to enjoy myself, not try to appear superior in any way.

I am a Trekkie and a huge The Legend of Zelda fan. Zelda is a huge part of my life an tops all my other interests and likes. Star Trek is my second biggest interest and that is followed by Creepypastas and things of the paranormal.

Please, feel free to ask of me any questions as I am here to provide all the knowledge I can. What is the point of being smart and filled with knowledge if I can not share some of it with others.

One thing that I put above all else is grammar. Yes, I am a Grammar Nazi but I will not try to be rude about it. I just find it difficult to enjoy something when my mind is constantly trying to fix mistakes and other things of that nature. I enjoy it when people point out my mistakes to me.

If anybody is not interested in seeing my artwork and is simply interested in my literature, all of that can be browsed on my Wattpad --->…

I might be selling customizable ornaments sometime soon. I just need to find the time to put up pictures of ornaments I have already done. I'm not even sure if I wish to bother to do something like that but I suppose I must wait and see what the future brings.

Thank you for stopping by!

Always with Love,
SilentDeseos :iconlipplz:


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